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Are you a Counselor or Therapist seeking to improve your effectiveness and acquire new tools for achieving results with each and every client?  Do you have questions about how to better market yourself and build your client base?  Is there a tough clinical issue you're facing that you'd like to consult with another therapist with over 30 years of experience to gain some new perspective? Or perhaps you want to learn about how to utilize today's technology and social networking to your advantage in building your counseling practice.   Over the last 32 years, Dr. Browning has trained teams of therapists, authored a book on building a private practice, and pioneered the use of new counseling mediums such as online counseling.  He is a gifted teacher who is able to quickly understand each person's needs and learning style and customize the coaching experience so they achieve the results they desire.  Dr. Browning doesn't lecture or talk at you, he partners with each coaching client to explore, address, and strengthen.  His personality is friendly, collaborative, results-focused and upbeat.  Dr. Browning offers personal coaching services to help you:

Colorado Springs, CO Therapy Coaching

  • Address tough clinical situations and hard to solve client issues.
  • Improve your ability to market yourself and position your services uniquely within your competitve marketplace.
  • Learn how to more tactically and powerfully apply scripture and Biblical resources within your Christian counseling approach.
  • Take your Christian counseling to the next level by learning the unique methodology of the Browning Biblical Counseling Approach.
  • Discover how to be an effective counselor AND a powerful business person.
  • Understand the practical how-tos of Applied Spiritual Warfare Therapy - taking clients in real bondage from coping to conquering.

We offer one session or package session formats with flexible scheduling and online or in-person arrangements to meet your needs.  Contact our office to learn more .

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