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Colorado Springs, CO Therapists Applied Biblical Counseling

It is so important that you select a therapist that can help you find REAL AND LASTING SOLUTIONS to the issues you are struggling with or relationships that are causing you so much pain.

The help you will find with Dr. Charles and Beverley Browning is all about helping you learn how to make choices that make life work better for you.  Here you will discover and embrace the joyful life God has intended for you.

Counseling here is not so much about gaining insight or digging up your past and spending years in therapy. It is about permanently reshaping the way you think -- about yourself, those you love, and how to make relationships loving and happy.

You'll learn how to overcome destructive thoughts, habits and behaviors, and how to control and renew your thought life. When someone or something in your life is causing you deep pain and suffering, you'll learn how to effectively deal with the issue and overcome it.

Our counseling approach helps you redo the rules and begin a "do-over" for the next and best part of your life. We're here to help you achieve real and lasting change.


Dr. Charles Browning -
Ph.D., University of Nebraska


B.A., Cal State University Long Beach

Professional Activities and Memberships

Clinical Member: American Psychological Assn.
Clinical Member: American Assn. of Marriage & Family Therapists
Clinical Member: Assn. of Marriage & Family Therapy

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